What we do

We tailor our services to meet our clients’ needs.

RCMM has abandoned the traditional law firm model and has, instead, embarked on developing an innovative and proactive approach. We offer a wide range of legal and business services for international companies seeking to initiate or develop their business in Chile.

Our services span the entire life of our clients’ businesses. We provide crucial information regarding the dynamics and opportunities in the markets of interest and deliver the full spectrum of legal counselling needed in establishing and executing our clients’ projects in the country.

What sets RCMM apart

  • The way we combine the right expertise

    We have extensive experience in several sectors, such as the electricity, infrastructure, construction, mining and telecommunication markets, to name just a few. We know their dynamics inside out and have developed strong relations with their participants.


    Moreover, the fact that we have worked at the relevant government agencies, authorities and regulators provides us with a unique insight and an exceptional combination of legal, economic and regulatory expertise required by international companies wanting to enter or develop their businesses in Chile.

  • The way we provide legal services: we collaborate with the best

    In addition to our core team of attorneys, RCMM has established collaborative arrangements with more than 20 highly specialised lawyers, all of whom are recognized practitioners in their respective fields of expertise.


    These strategic collaborative arrangements allow us to form top-notch, ad-hoc teams that can provide the best legal support for the specific requirements of each of our clients.


    Our network permits us to be very flexible to adapt to diverse needs, obtaining optimal results in the provision of our services.

  • The way we work with our clients: We support businesses at each stage

    Before entering a new market, it is vital to understand its structure, key drivers and dynamics at play.


    We provide information regarding the workings of the markets of interest and can spot and map existing opportunities in them.


    We assist our clients, examining the pros and cons of available entry options and help them decide what is best for their business.


    We also help our international clients to find the right local partner and to rapidly set up highly-skilled local interdisciplinary teams.

  • The way we bill: We deliver value

    RCMM does not bill by the hour. Instead, we offer alternative fee arrangements with creative and flexible options to reduce billing complexities and accommodate our clients’ budgetary needs.


    RCMM also strives to provide predictable costs to our clients, billing in a clear, itemized manner, previously agreed upon with them.

  • The way we are involved in each project.

    We, Partners, work directly with our clients in their projects. Our “hands-on» partner-led multi-disciplinary teams of experts offer a highly responsive and personalised service

Our Team

Ximena Rojas Pacini
María Callejas Rodríguez
Alejandra Moya Bruzzone
Hernan Moya Bruzzone
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